Garment manufacturers in India note a boost in the demand of nightwear in lockdown!

Export demand of nightwear increases due to work from home: A silver lining for garment manufacturers in India

Getting up a bit early to dress up with formal attire before jumping on a work-chair is not a necessity when working from home.

COVID-19 poses challenges to all businesses and the fashion/garment industry is also not exempted.  Many outlets have been forced to close their doors. The suits and formal wear sales have dropped drastically.

Garment manufacturers in India overwhelmed by the increase in the demand of nightwear.

As many businesses have been heavily impacted due to the recent lockdown but demand for one form of the ready-made garment has increased dramatically during the pandemic.

Many garment manufacturers in India are overwhelmed by the increased demand for nightwear, mostly pyjamas amid the coronavirus crisis.

Though overall textile industry demand is still very slow.

Acoording to the garment manufactures in India, a good demand for nightwear in the world has been recorded.  As people have no other option left apart from work from home so they prefer to wear  payjamas in this hot weather.

Similarly, demand for inner wear and kids wear as children have surpass their clothes during the lockdown period.

However, if we talk about overall textile industry demand is still very slow.

Exporters in garment manufacturing are already receiving advance orders.

Exporters who are the garment manufacturers in India have received advance payments from European buyers to replenish their stocks of the basic clothing and has seen a change in foreign demand of nightwear as well.

In the small markets, when the malls are closed, the unorganised sector retail is driving demand for kids wear and night wear.

Retail stores are running low on stock.

Demand for daily essential clothing is more from Europe. There is very good export demand for kids wear, night wear and inner wear. The retail stores are running low on stock.

Ashok Arul,CMO,SCM Garments, an exporter to leading retail stores of Europe and US said , “Demand for fast fashion clothes is still slow-moving.”

Exporters are scared to confirm the orders due to Covid related uncertainity

Acoording to Krishna Kumar, managing director, Shine Textile from Thirupur said,  In cities like Pune, Cochin, Mangal Nasik, Baroda, Trichy The demand for basic T-shirts, night wear and kids wear is good. They buy these all the garments from unorganized sector and street side vendors.

He also mentioned that they have also started getting some export orders for winter wear. However, they are scared to confirm the orders as Covid-related uncertainty can adversely affect lifting of the goods.

Textile or Garment manufacturers in India are in doubt whether they will recover their market loss or not and whether they will depend on the increase demand of nightwear or will shift to something else.

Sudden surge in the demand of textile garment

Raja Shanmugam, president, Tirupur Exporters Association (TEA) said, “Post Covid, across the world, there is more demand for night wear, children wear and inner wear.

The sudden surge in the demand of textile garment has been recorded. This is because the retail stores have sold their stocks.

During the last one month, there is good demand for these categories of clothes and many units are even running against orders and advance in domestic markets too.

The lack of demand is the problem faced by textile industry in India

Mridula Ramesh, executive director, Sundaram Textile and member CITI, an exporter to leading retail stores of Europe and US, said that in this time the labour is not the main problem , but the lack of demand is the problem faced by textile value chain industry. “The demand for made ups is mainly export driven

A Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI) survey highlighted lack of demand is the main concern of the textile industry in the present circumstances.

Despite for this good news for Garment manufacturers in India of increase in demand of nightwear, the overall demand in the textile industry remains sluggish.

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