Residents people living their long-pending dream of setting up a library

The covid-19 pandemic lockdown have thrown normal life out of gear.

The lockdown kept many people indoors. People are required to stay at homes, no outings to park,temples , market or any other place .People are spending their time by discovering their new hobbies. Some people follow their passion by cooking , reading , etc. Some people start engaging with their old friends, with their children and many more stuff was seen during the lockdown period .

Establishing long–pending dream of library .

But somewhere in the Melarannoor in Thiruvananthapuram, people are deciding to come up with something to beat down these lockdown blues.

The members of Rajeev Nagar Resident’ Association of Government Quarters at Melarannoor in Thiruvananthapuram put their heads together for a creative avocation.

With government offices remaining shut then, most of the residents finally found the time to realize a long-pending dream of theirs to establish a library for the association.

The idea of starting a library for the entire community by a resident .

When  the lockdown has come as a huge blow to around 680 families residing at the government quarters. With no summer camps or offices operational, families are forced to confine themselves to their apartment flats making their days more stressful.

A resident and a professional librarian living in these residence ‘Ashokan Puthupadi’ came up with the one  suggestion or idea of starting a library for the entire community. In this technological era ,when  everyone can go for kindle cloud , kindle reader ,amazon prime reading etc on such sites for free who will go for a library book .

But , “The response has been encouraging since people got to know about this initiative. People are giving away books for free and a few bookshelves .

He said majority of the titles received are in English and they are planning to get more Malayalam books.

Association Hall to be converted into Proper Library .

The Association president R Raveendran said that the lockdown has come as a huge blow to around 500+ families residing out there. The families are forced to confine themselves to their apartment flats making their days more stressful. So they decided to set up a proper library in the association hall so that everyone can come and spend their time in reading.

He mentioned that there are around 700+ children in the quarters. Ever since the lockdown begun people especially children finding difficult to spend their time in creative manner .The small age group children always want to do  creative stuff to do at home.

They just watched TV the whole day , taking online classes and etc which will harm and effect their eyes and minds. They would all come outside to play but that was not allowed because of social distancing norms.

Guidelines set up for the library .

The library remains open on all days but currently functions only in the evening in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. “The timings are from about 6 pm to 8 pm. The library  also follow each and every rule stated by the committee or the government.

The association is also considering entry for outsiders to the library. But due to some reasons notified they not give permission for the outsiders to issue   the books with them but they are welcome to use the space for reading. They provide free books to read.

Presently, borrowings are free of cost and books are issued to association members only   The lending period for books is 15 days



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