5 Best Hindi Netflix Top-rated Series you should definitely watch!

5 Best Hindi Netflix Top-rated Series

5 Best Hindi Netflix Top-Rated Series you should definitely watch!


The lockdown is one of the most dreaded times in the history of the entire globe. People have never witnessed complete shut down on their movement, economy and education. There have been continuous cases of suicide, depression and joblessness among people. Not only that, the economy also failed miserably.

With all this going on and no solution found as for now, people are trying to find ways to remain happy and busy. Online courses have proved to be a solution to the problem. But sometimes human beings need entertainment and a break for themselves. That is when entertainment platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, altbalaji etc. come into picture.


According to many surveys, online streaming on famous entertainment platforms has increased massively. People spend approximately 5 hours of the day on such sites. The number of subscriptions have increased as well. Because of the same many platforms have tied their hands with other online organisations to provide better options for the customers.

It seems that these sites are the only ones benefiting economically from the lockdown. As there has been an increase in their consumption as well as revenue.


Netflix is one of the most widely used global entertainment platforms. Platforms like these were a very new concept when they were launched but still managed to get support of a lot of people. It ensured legal as well as easy streaming of many TV shows and movies which otherwise were difficult to find and stream. India loves streaming Hindi Netflix Top-rated Series and Movies all day.

Not only has that, but also during the time of lockdown, Netflix been on rise because of it sharing a safer mode of entertainment, with no human contact. Netflix is a global platform and that is the reason why it touches all sorts of content from different countries and different languages.

Following are the 5 Best Hindi Netflix Top-rated Series:


  1. Sacred Games:  A very popular Indian web series, Sacred Games, has managed to reach households across India. The series stars famous actors such as Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. There is a very dark side of society depicted in the web series which involve a mysterious murder or a gangster and the search for truth.The first season of the web series was widely watched, which eventually became a motivation for the creators to create another season. Many jokes and memes around the web series have also made it popular. The web series keeps you on the edge of the seat till the climax. Find the trailer of this Hindi Netflix Top-rated Series here.
  2. Ghoul: It is a horror web series starring one of the finest actors in India, Radhika Apte. The series revolves around a secret jail where a new female military officer joins. Ghoul is one of the finest works in the horror genre in India.There is a very realistic approach to horror in the movie because of which it is praised. Find the trailer of this Hindi Netflix Top-rated Series here.
  3. Delhi crime: The series is based on real life incidents of Nirbhaya rape case. The case was a milestone in the history of crimes in Delhi. It generated mass appeal in the people against rape convicts. The series added a little bit of fiction to the case but tries to narrate the entire story so as to touch people’s heart and make them aware of the brutalities of the metropolitan, especially for women. Find the trailer of this Hindi Netflix Top-rated Series here.
  4. Leila: The series is a mix of mystery and politics when it comes to its genre. It talks about an imaginary place which is led by a dictatorial head closely associated with religion. The story also talks about the scarcity of water using various metaphors like the black rain, making swimming pools an offense, expensive water, etc. It revolves around the character played by Huma Qureshi, trapped and wanting to escape. Find the trailer of this Hindi Netflix Top-rated Series here.
  5. Jamtara: Jamtara district is situated in Jharkhand. The story revolves around a group of men placing fake calls to credit card and bank account users to fetch money. The story tries to narrate the tale of love, poverty, jealousy and superiority. It does not have many renowned actors but their commitment to the role is phenomenal. The story depicts the harsh reality of the political world and their involvement in frauds. The ultimate culprit of the situation ultimately is poverty. The unemployed and poor youth of the society are motivated to take up activities they otherwise wouldn’t like to do. Find the trailer of this Hindi Netflix Top-rated Series here.


Netflix manages to produce loads of web series and movies both in English and Hindi. Some of the most trending Netflix content these days are ‘Never Have I Ever’, ‘She’, ‘ Dark‘, etc. Most of the Netflix content tries to deliver the reality of today’s world so that people can relate more. Netflix subscription has tried to become more affordable with time. Whatever the case be, it is a boon for netizens.

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