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Hello Mini (2019) is an interesting, thriller and romantic web series launched by MX player which is full of the suspense of a stranger in the movie around which story goes on. This Web series Hello Mini is based on the novel named “Marry me, stranger”. Mini is a young educated girl who used to live in a city for a job but a stranger keeps stacking her all time. The stranger helps him to know her worth through making her trouble situations as well as help her to escape from the situations. Sounds interesting who is that stranger, why he has been a stranger in the movie. Watch the webseries Hello mini if you really like suspense movies.


Hello Mini web series rating IMDb: 7.1/10

The has been rated 7.1 out of 10 by IMDb on the basis of Hello Mini review.


Hello Mini MX Player Web series by Movie4me

Directed by: Faruk Kabir

Written By: Novoneel Chakraborty, Croctales

Cast: Anuja Joshi, Priya Banerjee, Arjun Aneja, Gaurav Chopra, Mrinal Dutt, Anshul Pandey, and many more

Language: Hindi

Country: India

Release Date: 11 October 2019


Hello Mini Cast

Anuja Joshi || Hello Mini Cast

Anuja Joshi played the main character of Hello Mini cast which is the nickname of Rivannah Banerjee. She’s been done very good acting in the web series. In the web series, she has always been stacked by a stranger who helps her in a new city and trying her to know her worth with the help of different circumstances.

Source: IMDb


Priya Banerjee || Hello Mini Cast

Priya Banerjee plays the role of Mini’s roommate in Hello mini cast, named Ishita who used to love doing parties, enjoying life, and have kinky sexual desires. She supports emotionally and physically whenever Mini needs her.


Source: Magzter

Arjun Aneja ||

Arjun Aneja plays the role of psycho lover and follower, named Prateek in the movie, who follows and loves the Mini from her school times. Unfortunately Mini joined his office, from that he starts persecuting Mini and trying to kill and take revenge when he was not able to get her.



Gaurav Chopra || Hello Mini cast

Gaurav Chopra plays the role of a rich and powerful man who has been so practical about sexual desires. He used to play with Ishita for his kinky sexual desires on the basis of Society’s status and money. He also got a sight on the Mini and trying to play with her too.



Mrinal Dutt ||

Mrinal Dutt plays the role of Mini’s boyfriend who met her when she was so depressed from cheating through her ex-boyfriend. His name is Danny in the movie, he was a struggling actor living in Mumbai just opposite to the Mini’s flat. He always there for Mini to love and support her in every situation.



Anshul Pandey ||

Anshul Pandey plays as the role of Mini’s first boyfriend from whom the journey of Mini’s life started. He used to make her so conservative in the city by his restriction but later on Mini broke up with her because he was cheating her.



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Hello Mini Hot Episodes || Hello Mini web series story

This Web series has total 15 episodes and hello mini web series story-

Episodes 1: Be ready Mini.

Rivannah Banerjee moves to Bombay to start her career as a software engineer. A new life in a new city comes with its own challenges, but she faces an unexpected and deadly one; a stalker, who knows her every move.


Episodes 2: Know your worth Mini

Rivannah tries to convince here cousin about the danger she possibly faces, but she has no proof and danger may be lurking around the corner. Meanwhile, she tries to adjust to life in Bombay, also fending off unwanted advances from a colleague. But a surprise visits lifts up her visits.


Episodes 3: I’ll make you cry Mini

Megha and Adil’s constant fighting faces Rivannah  to move out on her own. She meets new roommates, the addball Asha, and the party-animals Ishita. Unforunately for her, the stalker, whom she has now nicknamed the stranger, seems to have followed her too.


Episodes 4:Time’s Up Mini

Rivannah decides to go partying with Ishita, despite her boyfriend’s objections. A drunken video call later, she finds herself on the verge of being dumped. This leads to a falling out her and Ishita.

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Episodes 5: Anonymity is power, Mini

Everything’s fine again, but the stranger has a few more tricks up his sleeve. He calls Rivannah to meet and what she finds there shatters her world completely, sending her into a downward spiral.


Episodes 6: Do you trust me, Mini ?

After seeing a heinous crime through her own eyes, Rivannah is in despair. With things turning upside down in her life, she gets into a downward spiral in all the aspects of her life. Watch Hello Mini online as her life takes a turn for the worse.


And things get worse when she makes out with Prateek in a drunken state at an office party and he uses the same to blackmail her. Desperate to deal with the issues, she asks the stranger for help. Though the stranger agrees, he asks for a price in return. What is ith that the stranger asks for ? Will she be able to come out of this mess ? Watch Hello Mini all episodes to know more.

Episodes 7: Don’t piss me off, Mini.

Rivannah Banerjee gets back at Prateek, with the Stranger’s help, but now she must uphold her end of the bargain. Ishita’s sugar daddy Grover begins to express interest in Rivannah Banerjee. Meanwhile, the girls have a hot new neighbor.

Episodes 8: You miss, I mess, Mini.

You miss, I mess, Rivannah Banerjee and the neighbor, a struggling actor named Danny, hit it off. But she gets insecure about Danny’s friendship with another girl. She reaches out to the stranger for advice. A surprise and unexpected visit shake things up for Rivannah Banerjee.


Episodes 9: Let’s meet, Mini.

Rivannah Banerjee begin the journey to change her life and to start, she initiates teaching same slum children. Because of this experience, she begins to feel better about herself. Watch Hello Mini online as she embarks on a new journey in her life to become someone better.

Meanwhile, with her birthday around the corner, she is excited about celebrating it. But the stranger has some other plans as a happen next ? what is the surpise that is being planned for her birthday ? Will it end on a positive note ? Watch Hello Mini all episodes now to get all the charity.

Episodes 10; I won’t spare you, Mini

Rivannah Banerjee goes to Kolkata for a wedding. There she meets Abhiraj, a guy her father wants her to marry. Even though she’s in love with Danny. She finds herself mysteriously drawn to Abhiraj as well.


Episodes  11: Maybe I like you, Mini

The horrible attack by the stranger leaves Rivannah completely shaken. Ishita takes her out to dinner with Grover’s credit card to cheer up, but this brings Rivannah Banerjee into grover’s sights.

Episodes 12: Happy belated Birthday Mini.

The video of the horrible attack by the stranger leaves Rivannah Banerjee completely shaken. She comes clean to her friends who try to help her figure out who it is and how to stop them. Rivannah also receives another nasty surprise not long other.


Episodes 13; Its’ showtime, Mini

Rivannah has been kidnapped and her captor has fatal intentions with her. It’s a race against time as Danny and Ishita work with inspector Kamble to figure out where Rivannah Banerjee is before it’s too late.


Episodes 14: We are meeting, Mini

Rivannah is safe, for now. The stranger is still on the loose. Ishita, Danny and the police want to apprehend him but Rivannah Banerjee is now convinced the stranger is her friend and doesn’t want him caught.


Episodes 15: Do you know who you are, Mini ?

In the season finale, everyone converges on Rivanah’s meeting with the stranger at the coffee shop. Secrets are exposed, relationships, are mended and there’s clarity all around. But has Rivannah truly found her worth ?



Hello Mini Season 2 hot web series

We all waiting for Hello Mini Season 2 as we all curious to know what going to happen next, what’s next stranger’s move and how all this relationship goes. We all hope directors soon launch Hello Mini Season 2.


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