Deadly corona: Along with old people, young, healthy and fit people died


The corona virus has killed more than 3100 people in the US and more than 1400 people in Britain. Corona infection is now spreading rapidly in these countries. At the same time, Italy and Spain have been badly affected by Corona. But one thing is coming out among the increasing statistics of death that many young, healthy and fit people are also dying from Corona.

Some experts say that when it was said that the elderly are more at risk than the corona, then it was misunderstood by the youth. In many countries, the youth did not accept the restrictions and they continued to party. It also helped to spread the corona infection. But now many such cases are coming up in which healthy youth also died from corona.

According to the Daily Mail report, Adam Harkins, who lives in North London, was fit. He was only 28 years old, but now his name has become one of the youngest people to lose his life from Corona. He was kept in an indicted coma, but could not be saved. His mother Jackie said he was very healthy.

Pooja Sharma, of Indian origin, lived in Birmingham. 33-year-old Pooja has also died from Corona. A day before, his father Sudhir Sharma also died from Corona.


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