German minister committed suicide, due to loss in economy from Corona v8


The European countries are so much effected by the corona virus (COVID-19). Due to this a German finance minister, Thomas Schaefer committed suicide after seeing continuous loss in economy due to the Corona effect.

German Minister was worried about this loss for a long time and he was trying to maintain the economy balance in Germany but Corona effect damaged the economy.

German Finance Minister, Thomas Schaefer, 

The body of German Minister, Thomas Schaefer, a 54-year-old member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, was found Saturday on railway tracks at Hochheim, near Frankfurt.

Police and prosecutors said that factors including the questioning of witnesses and their own observations at the scene led them to conclude that German Finance Minister, Thomas Schaefer killed himself.

Thomas Schaefer had been Hesse’s state finance minister for a decade.

Voice of Germany, corona effect

Voixindia hope for the best for corona virus epidemic in the country and rest in piece for the minister.



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