Top 10 Makeup Artist in Lucknow


Top 10 Makeup Artist in Lucknow || Bridal Makeup Artist

Nowadays, every girl wants to find striking and extraordinary features, typically to enhance and finalize the most applicable makeup for her most special events. Professionally, it is fair enough to have it all exceptionally planned before the actual time. However, the exact conceptual task and eternal skill that are effectively required for getting a professional and adorable look are in the excellent vision and hands of a professional makeup artist. Else no one can professionally help you get the desired look, therefore, we have consistently worked with our professional team to find out the top makeup artists in Lucknow who is exceptionally suitable for your personifying makeup.

Here is the list of the top 10 makeup artist in Lucknow:

  1. Ishita Sood
  2. Sneha Charan
  3. Kirti Jotwani
  4. Divya Singh
  5. Priti Verma
  6. Komal Mahendru
  7. Geetika Chakravarty
  8. Garima Mohnani
  9. Monica Malik
  10. Palni Bhatia

Ishita Sood:-

Ishita Sood is typically one of the most popular professional makeup artists in Lucknow. Professionally, she specializes in beauty, party, bridal & portfolio makeovers,s and many more. Her extraordinary achievement definitely made her a big name in the makeup industry. Moreover, she has successfully organized many workshops and actively demonstrates makeovers with media coverage.

Sneha Charan | makeup artist in Lucknow :-

The Sneha Charan has a highly experienced and professional makeup artist in Lucknow who determinately creates an excellent look to crush on as she eternally brightens up the big day of the women with their skillful hands. They are well-rated makeup artists who pleasantly bring grace to life with their hands-on experience in the field of makeup. Their portfolios are worth analyzing to know all about her marvelous makeup looks. The Top Knot Salon is founded by Sneha Charan where you can have the best makeup by Sneha Charan.


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Kirti Jotwani | Bridal makeup artist in Lucknow:-

Kirti Jotwani is also the best makeup artist in Lucknow city and owns her Kirti Jotwani Makeup Studio, she has professionally collaborated with several professional designers and has been in the beauty industry for over a decade. They create perfect makeup looks especially for the respective occasions and completely understand the suitability of applied makeup as per the demand of the event. They proudly offer HD Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, Hairstyles, and many more to their professional clients.

Divya Singh:-

Divya Singh Makeovers, it is exceptionally believed that you can never go wrong with Divya Singh and her professional team of makeup artists, who have successfully acquired world-class skills on hair, makeup, and adorable beauty. Divya Singh Makeovers have slowly evolved and stabilized themselves into a strong brand name that clearly specializes in creating neat and modern looks. They professionally have their own techniques specifically designed to enhance Indian skin tones.

Priti Verma:-

Priti Verma Makeovers’ artistic and creative style specifically brings them into the makeup world. Converting their subjects into something new will clearly make the crowd worth their while. Moreover, if you are really looking for a professional makeup artist who can effectively transform you in a simple and effective manner, Priti Verma Makeovers has the suitable makeup artists for you.

Komal Mahendru | Top bridal makeup artist in Lucknow:-

Komal Mahendru is a highly skilled professional bridal makeup artist in Lucknow who is offering you not just simply look adorable on your most special day but also to provide you the perfect look that you are eternally desiring. The excellent reflection of ‘Queen in Love’ will surely be visualized in the perfect scenario. So, what are you waiting for? Stylz Salon is completely ready to provide you the best route suited to your features. Stylz Salon is owned by the Komal Mahendru.

Geetika Chakravarty |Top makeup artist in Lucknow:-

Gulaabi Soirees by Geetika is spotted in Lucknow because of her undisputed style and exceptional techniques. Gulaabi Soirees by Geetika’s expertise is to personify the best features of the bride and give it an excellent finish. Professional makeup artists have wide experience when it actually comes to bridal makeovers.

Garima Mohnani |Best  makeup artist in Lucknow:-

Garima Mohnani Makeup is effectively reigning for over 25+ years in the industry. Garima Mohnani ultimately assures the bride-to-be is completely ready for her most special day. Her extraordinary experience is undoubtedly award-winning in Lucknow. Professional bridal makeup is Garima Mohnani’s forte because she has an adorable experience when it comes to fashion and style. Garima Mohnani is the best makeup artist in Hazratganj Lucknow.

Monica Malik Mua:-

Monica Malik Mua is one of the excellent professional makeup and hair stylists in Lucknow for over 10+ years. Monica proudly receives numerous awards and appreciations because of her wonderful techniques. She is also renowned as a celebrity makeup artist in Lucknow and has many years of experience in performing professional makeup and fashion makeup.


Palni Bhatia:-

Palni Bhatia is the best makeup artist based in Lucknow. Palni ultimately captures the heart of each woman because of its amazing hair and makeup style. What exceptionally makes her one of the best artists is because she can professionally bring out the hidden beauty out of you and conceptualize you to fresher you.



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